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Steel much more than meets the eye

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Dołączył: 22 Maj 2013
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Śro 18:28, 15 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Steel much more than meets the eye

Steel much more than meets the eye,[url=]michael kors paris[/url]
The combined OtagoSouthland team have been through a huge upheaval during the past 12 months. The franchise has a new management team, the coaching staff has changed and, incredibly, there are just three players returning from last season.
The newlook Steel lost all five games during the ANZ Championship preseason tournament in Tauranga, which helped to further lower expectations.
The former Silver Ferns shooter has some inside knowledge. While the team appears new, it actually bears a close resemblance to the Otago Rebels side of 2007.
Brown captained that side, sisterinlaw Janine Southby coached the team and is now the Steel cocoach, Phillipa Finch helped control the tempo in the midcourt, and defender Demelza McCloud was a standout performer. The foursome have been reunited at the Steel this season.
When you factor in experienced shooter Donna Wilkins and defender Sheryl Scanlan, the team has a hardened core of experienced players.
"There is a sense that we are underdogs and a lot of people have written us off already," Brown said. "That suits us fine because I think we've got experience, plus you can't discount some of our younger players.
"I think the key for us, if we do start getting on a losing streak, is that we don't use the excuse 'we're a young team, we are still coming together'. We need to pinpoint what went wrong on court rather than highlight any inexperience."
Most of the Steel's firepower is at the attack end, with both Brown and Wilkins having played for the Silver Ferns. It is an area where the Steel feel they can be very competitive.
"If we can get our attacking end working properly we could be one of the best attacking ends in New Zealand. We've got Donna and myself in the shooting circle and Courtney [Tairi] and Shannon [Francois] playing in the midcourt that's a pretty lethal combination."
Perhaps surprisingly, Brown is feeling nervous about her role as captain and had some reservations about how she would manage her relationship with cocoach Southby.
The pair worked together at the Rebels and the last thing you want is for a contest of ideas to develop into a fullscale family feud. That was never the case during their stint with the Rebels, but Southby was new to coaching at that level and Brown was still developing in her role.
"I think we both learned a lot from that situation and, to be fair, there was a little bit of apprehension when Janine was appointed coach and I had signed. But I think we've both taken huge strides since then and we've both learned from some of the little things. It is about getting that balance between family life and netball life. We know when to switch off when we're at family functions and not talk about netball and things like that."
As far as the captaincy goes, Brown will get plenty of help from some of her more ebullient teammates.
"On court I'm not a talker at all and I kind of go into my own shell and concentrate on what I'm doing. But we've got Demelza and Donna, who just bark orders wherever they are and pick up the slack, which is great. But I have to make sure I'm leading the way off court."

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Dołączył: 09 Paź 2013
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Pią 23:14, 17 Sty 2014    Temat postu:

"family 'violence' violence, it brings to mind as physical hurt." Cai said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "cold violence" showed a rising trend. "Cold violence" is due to the feelings of husband and wife "strangers", "prevention of 'violence',[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the key is to increase the emotional exchange of husband and wife, considering each other thoughts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], negotiation process of family business, understand each other, to support each other do."
of the family violence is a violation of women's human rights and fundamental freedoms, not only destroy the women's physical and mental health, but also broken families affected offspring. The further development of family violence, if not timely and effective containment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tend to escalate, evolve into malignant events, at the same time triggered >
according to the city's latest statistics show,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the first three quarters of this year, Shishi received letters from the masses calls women 78 times. Among them, relates to family and marriage rights for women's rights complaints has become the focus of most concern,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reflecting the family violence letters and visits 78 times in 14 times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accounting for about two into.
se - Shishi daily November 24th dispatch (reporter Yang Dehua) the family violence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that occur in between family members, by beating, binding, confinement, mutilation or other means, to family members from the body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spirit and other aspects of damage and destruction behavior.
statistics show, age of family violence, mainly concentrated in 26 years old to 45 years old, discord and property disputes become the main causes of domestic violence, domestic violence to women in different degrees by physical and mental damage.
Dr. Cai further explanation, the family environment is very important for children's growth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will affect to develop their personalities, values,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], outlook on life, world outlook establishment etc.. "Generally speaking, domestic environment of the children grew up, boys are more likely to have a tendency to violence, mental easier fragile girl." Dr. Cai said, "the next generation of domestic violence."
overseas Chinese hospital Cai Lian Deng,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the implementation of the family violence and personality characteristics is of great relevance, impulsive personality and antisocial personality has higher domestic violence tendency. "The angry crowd, a higher risk of implementation of domestic violence."
set up sound and curbing family violence early warning mechanism in
, produced by the combination of love, this is full of laughter warm harbor, but family violence but to laughter cease abruptly, replace sb. is endless but silent bear, fear, pain...... Each year in November 25th, the international day for the elimination of violence. Domestic violence not only is the marriage of "killer", and evolved into the child's childhood nightmares. At present, Shishi has been in the city, town (street), the village (community) station construction service level three women for women's rights organization, coverage rate reached 100%, establish a sound mechanism to prevent family violence.

domestic violence complaints accounted for about two into
Analysis of medical psychology
psychological doctor "interrogation" domestic violence

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Railway police have adopted measures to ensure a smooth and safe journey for Chinese travellers during China's holiday travel rush, the largest annual human migration on earth, which began on Thursday.
About 3.62 billion trips will be made across China during the 40-day travel rush around the Spring Festival, or Chinese lunar new year, which falls on Jan. 31. Nearly 258 million Chinese are expected to travel by rail during the period.
Railway police have reinforced crackdowns on train ticket scalping. They have strengthened patrols at train stations and ticket offices and will pay special attention to suspicious group ticket purchasers, according to a statement from the railway police authorities.

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