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San Gabriel Valley prostitution alive and well

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PostWysłany: Pon 23:36, 20 Sty 2014    Temat postu: San Gabriel Valley prostitution alive and well

San Gabriel Valley prostitution alive and well
I was driving one day and found a dress on a mannequin store display that caught my attention on Valley Blvd in Alhambra, so my friend and I pulled over to take a look. For some odd reason, the store was closed, and I got the lady's attention inside the store (some woman who was recovering from a nose job) and she told me the store is by appointment only(WTF? I thought.) My friend asked her for a card and the lady gave it to me through the crack of the door without opening it. My friend and I thought it was really odd, like it was too high class for us, but then again, I've been to brand name stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada, or any other stores on Rodeo Drive, and you do NOT need an appt to get in. Anyway, my friend later convinced me it's a prostitution ring b/c how would a clothing store be in business by "appointment only?" I then read Asian prostitution is alive and well in Southern CA, and do not always come in the form of "massage parlors" anymore. You would think they'd be Vietnamese, but the majority are Chinese immigrants. I was pissed they didn't let me try on the dress, but now I know it's b/c they're running an illegal business spreading STDs, possibly HIV and avoiding the IRS. I'm a young Asian woman still in my 20's and was always taught that we come to America to live an American dream (not an Asian fantasy to American men). To do this, we have to go to school and be successful and pay back to society. I could've been a stripper or even a prostitute, but I'm here as a registered nurse serving (in nonsexual ways) the men and women who have served our country b/c if it weren't for them, my family and I wouldn't be here in America.
Cath wrote:
I've been to that store and thats because I BOTHERED to call them and make an appointment to see their goods. They have many very expensive purses and stuff there and they have a fear of being robbed. All you had to do was make an appointment and they would have let you in. If there's no one else in the store but the owner, why would you still need to make an appointment if it's not busy? They must want to do a background check on their customers. Just sounds pretty fishy to me. It's Alhambra (really close to east LA), not Beverly Hills. I'd turn my store back to selling shoes, too, if a customer thought I was selling 'em and I were really running an illegal ring.
Alhambra is close to East LA. HAHAHA! Yeah. Beverly Hills is close to Inglewood. always up to no good! That means nothing,[url=]hollister femmes[/url].
And to the original poster (CATHY), seriously. just get on with your life. Why the rant? Drug Dealing is "alive and well" in your town, too. As with Gangs, Blackmarket Contraband, etc.
You saw a dress, they won;t let you try in on, just say FK it and go to your "Rodeo Drive" and get your dresses.
You turned this situation into some rant about Viets and Immigrants and college education and Interacial Dating, Tax Evasion. seriously chick, you got some deep seeded issues and you needed someone to lend you an ear and give you a hug!You enter a reflective state of mind from today, and you'll remain in a contemplative mood until early June. This is a phase in which you need to spend plenty of time alone, mulling over what's been going on in your life recently and assessing your current situation. But bear in mind that you'll feel almost tonguetied at times, making it difficult for you to put your feelings into words. It will help to tell loved ones how you're feeling, otherwise they may think you've clammed up on them or are giving them the cold shoulder for some reason.

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